White Work: Dissolving White Supremacy Culture from the Inside Out

White Work: Dissolving White Supremacy Culture from the Inside Out is a white-identified peer listening space where we examine the attributes of white supremacy culture as they live in us, our families, and in the spaces where we lead and spend time.

Beginning in October 2020, The White Work Listening Circle will meet from 12-1PM PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In each session, we focus on one attribute of white supremacy culture. Using a Listening Circle model of structured sharing, we take turns reflecting on how these attributes are showing up in ourselves and our lives. This is a safe, confidential, healing space where we lean into our growing edges on the path of becoming anti-racist. This is not a space for discussion or debate.

We recognize the reality and ubiquity of white supremacy culture in our families, communities, and in ourselves. We come together in solidarity to support one another to live into a new relationship with ourselves, other humans of all skin tones and lineages, and the planet.

We encourage participants to sign up for $50/month ongoing access to this group as this work is best taken slowly and steadily over time. We plan to cycle through the attributes on repeat. No need to come to each Listening Circle, just come as often as you can. Come be heard and held by compassionate others, as together we shed white armor and move forward on the path home to our shared humanity.

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