Lesson 1 – Welcome to Junk Journaling for Resilience (JJ4R)

I am delighted that you are here! Thank you for making time to connect with your inner artist. Life becomes more fun when we invite our inner artist to come out and play. And the world needs what your inner artist most craves to create! It’s a win-win, for you, your community, and our world!

Over the next six lessons, you will learn everything you need to know to begin creating your own Junk Journal art pages as a resilience-building practice. You will learn to tap into that inner current of creativity that is welling up inside you. Following that current, you will be invited to play on the page. In the process, you will begin to create the visual medicine that you need to see.

Each lesson will teach art skills and resilience skills that you will use to create a new Junk Journal spread (we call a double page a “spread”). Each of the six lessons in JJ4R builds on the last lesson. Each lesson includes a video and a series of handouts to help you create a new Junk Journal spread using the art skills and resilience skills presented in that lesson.

I recommend that you watch the lesson in each video and review the handouts before you begin creating your page. When you begin, you can re-watch the video, pausing as you need to, in order to give yourself the time to create as you watch.

In each lesson, I introduce some new art materials we will use in creating that lesson’s page. To see a complete list of all the supplies we will use, you can go to my Amazon list (this is not an affiliate link! you can also purchase the same supplies at your local art supply store if you prefer!).

Also, please join our private JJ4R Facebook Page to ask your questions, see other people’s pages, share your work, and get announcements about special offerings designed just for this group. It’s a sweet, warm community of creatives ready to cheer you on!

Lesson 1: Ah Yes!

In this first lesson we will focus on:

  • the basic art skills you need to create your first Junk Journal spread
  • how to approach your creative time in a way that deepens your personal resilience


This is the summary sheet describing everything we cover in Lesson 1.

These are the supplies you need for Lesson 1.

These prompts will lead you through the creation of your first Junk Journal spread.