Junk Journaling for Resilience

An Online Class Creative Healing Space

Junk Journaling for Resilience (JJ4Resilience) is an online class and creative healing space designed to help participants reconnect to the creative source within and welcome it forth ~ onto the page, and into our lives! Junk Journaling is a delightful and easy-to-learn artform that grows with you as you connect more deeply to your Inner Artist. People of all ages, and at all art levels, love this practice.

When we junk journal,

we start where we are, we work with what we have on hand, and we create what we need to see. We follow the inner “Ah, yes” and let it lead the way.

As we go, we throw in scraps and bits from our everyday lives (especially the hard parts of our lives), we mix in some art supplies according to what feels right…. and bit by bit, we create the visual medicine we most need to see.

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This is how we build muscles of resilience in my family. It works because it’s easy and fun and there is no way to get it wrong. I developed this process out of sheer necessity to help us get through a really rough time… and you know what? It totally worked. Now, over the last 7 years, I have practiced Junk Journaling with people from all walks of life: from retired grandparents to youth at-risk of involvement in gang violence, and everyone in between. I have experienced and witnessed this practice  enliven and transform some very gnarly moods and situations… just by allowing the Inner Artist to play and explore.

In other words, this creative practice builds resilience, the very thing we need to be able to bounce back from extremely hard times. We need that now more than ever, right?   

That’s why I am offering this new online class and healing space for only $11 a month ~ I want to get this delightful, life-giving process into as many hands as possible during these challenging times. When you sign up, you are not only investing in your own health, happiness and well-being, you are also helping to fund the JJ4Resilience class that I teach with high-risk youth through Voices Against Violence.

So, by signing up,  you get to help yourself and help our community at the very same time! You can cancel at any time. 

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Doors open for registration on Friday September 25, 2020. The first online JJ4Resilience class is October 2, 2020, and that is when doors will open to our private Facebook Group. More about the class itself is below…..

The Class

This class will teach you how to Junk Journal as a healing practice through six introductory mixed media art lessons and six creative meditation practice sessions. Over the course of six weeks of lessons and creative meditations, you will learn the nuts and bolts of this creative practice, (re)connect with your Inner Artist, begin to metabolize and heal blocks and stuck spots (in your art and in your life!), and maybe even begin to delight your own expansive & radical imagination.

The lessons/meditations will be offered live on six consecutive Fridays (starting October 2, 2020) from 3-5PM Pacific Time (6-8PM Eastern Time), but you can jump in at any time! The weekly class will take place over Zoom and will be streamed and stored in our private JJ4P Facebook Group (we are considering moving to a Google classroom instead of FB). Recordings of the class will live in the classroom space for you to access as needed. The art instruction will happen in the first hour of each class; the creative meditation will happen in the second hour. The JJ4R Private FB Group (or Google classroom) will be a space where you can share your art, ask questions, elicit feedback, and connect with compassionate companions on the creative journey.

After the six weeks of introductory classes (Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and Nov.6), every Friday I will continue to offer a new creative meditation from 4-5PM PT (7-8PM Eastern). These will be offered live on Zoom and streamed to our FB Group where they will be available for you to access at any time.

Depending on need and interest, I will also offer additional mixed-media lessons and workshops to this group over time.

Admissions to this class and creative healing space is ongoing. If you missed some of the introductory lessons when they were live, no worries. They now live online in our class area to be accessed by participants at any time.

All artistic levels are welcome in this class, from complete newbie to seasoned master-of-the-arts.

If you do not need the lesson but want to join just for the creative meditation, you are more than welcome to do so! You are also welcome to work on your own project during class time, if the creative container and companionship is all you need to deepen into your art life.

Join us for a fun, creative, resilience-building activity….. It’s the cheapest fun you’ve ever had on a Friday afternoon/evening (or whenever!).

Enroll in the class here:

Enroll in the Class Now