Heart of Mary Virtual Chapel

You are invited to join us for a time of interfaith-interspiritual contemplative prayer from 6:45-7:45p on Sunday evenings in December 2018. Together we will pray from the heart for the the new life that the Holy of Holies is birthing in us and among us this season. You do not need to believe in prayer, nor believe in or adhere to any religious beliefs, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or otherwise, to be welcomed wholeheartedly among us.

This is the second annual Heart of Mary Seasonal Prayer Circle, meeting once again in time of year that is known as Advent on the Christian liturgical calendar. To read more about the history of that led to the first Heart of Mary prayer circle, read here:


TO PARTICIPATE: On Sunday evenings in December, arrive anytime between 6:45p and 7:45p at the (Cedar St.) side entrance of Grace North Church at the corner of Cedar & Walnut in Berkeley (we will post a sign). Find a seat anywhere you feel comfortable in the sanctuary. Stay for as little or much of the hour as you care to, leaving anytime you need or wish, taking care to preserve the atmosphere of compassion and care in the space we are creating together. Come one time, or every Sunday evening in December leading up to Christmas.

While you sit in our company you can pray or meditate in whatever way you know to, or if you care to, follow these simple steps (these instructions will be available in print at the time of the event):

Allow your attention and breath to warm the space of your heart, and simply notice and enjoy the felt-sense that arises in your heart center. When your attention wanders (it will! and often!) you can allow your attention and breath to return to your heart center. You may also enjoy noticing how your entire body is holding your heart, and the entire sanctuary is holding your body. Be held, and enjoy.

Once centered, if you find there are words that your heart wants you to speak aloud, please do. This is your heart’s spoken prayer. We welcome it. We only ask that you honor the spoken prayer that others bring voice to, allowing for quiet space before and after each person who so chooses has shared from the heart. And if you prefer to sit quietly, that is perfectly fine, too.


If you are more comfortable participating from home, or from some other location, know that you are part of us, and we are part of you, praying together from the Heart of Mary. Together we are welcome forth what the Holy of Holies has in store to best protect, nourish, heal, and proliferate the most amazingly beautiful, tender, vital new life coming to fruition in and through us all.

May you feel yourself lovingly held this holiday season and into the 2019 New Year.